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Rules for Water Tanks – Filters and Lights

Rules for Aquaponic Water Tanks, Filters and Lights Some basic rules apply to every business (and this includes home hobby etc) which if you break could in turn break you financially – we are referring to issues such a Public Liability etc Rule 1 Rule number ONE must be to keep yourself, your family and [...] Read more
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How to maintain – Daily

How to maintain – Daily Whilst an eco system should be left and not disturbed, there are some minor housekeeping jobs that should be undertaken just to help in a basic sense. Those tasks might be as simple as keeping the whole system clean and appealing, there are additional matters that should be regularly performed. [...] Read more
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Friendly home Aquaponics and grow boxes

Friendly home Aquaponics and grow boxes Aquaponics is such a fun way for all the family to be involved in growing chemical free foods (every type of herb and vegetable) plus growing fish,that words fail to adequately express the family fun and stories of those happy times together. Whilst we could go fishing somewhere, there [...] Read more
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