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Submersible Electric Pumps

Submersible Electric Pumps A very important part of every successful Aquaponic system is an electric pump to ensure the water solution is well circulated between the fish through to the Plants. Electricity and water are not friendly when used together, however, technology is great and for many years now it has been possible to purchase [...] Read more

Water Balance – pH level

Water Balance – pH Levels The importance of pH levels in solutions (to inhabitants of the Earth) is such that there is an International Agreement for a Standard way of measuring whether a solution (any solution) is acidic, alkaline or neutral. The scale of pH readings is from 0 (zero – extremely acidic) to 14 [...] Read more

Indoors, backyard and commercial eco systems

Indoor, Backyard and Commercial Systems This topic of – what size eco system can I have is so important, because no doubt by now you have realized you can enjoy Aquaponics for a very low entry cost and then enjoy even more, the health benefits such a chemical free series of easy to maintain Plants [...] Read more