How to maintain – Daily

How to maintain – Daily

Whilst an eco system should be left and not disturbed, there are some minor housekeeping jobs that should be undertaken just to help in a basic sense.

Those tasks might be as simple as keeping the whole system clean and appealing, there are additional matters that should be regularly performed.

These include taking and recording as much technical data as you are able such as levels of:-temperature, pH, ammonia, oxygen, nitrites, nitrates, salinity just to mention a few.

Look to see that minimum levels of water are maintained in the eco system and that replacement water is waiting and being allowed to settle in settling tanks for several days before being introduced into the system.

Look for any fish that might not be swimming free and easy. Is there a problem with one or two?

Look for dead or dying leaves on plants – remove them when you find them.

Are all plants well supported so they stand erect and not fall into the waters.

Make sure your system notes are kept dry and clear, easy to read.

Record any unusual events or observations.

Later in other articles we shall look at issues such as:-

New tank problems

Old tank problems

High ammonia levels

High nitrite levels

High nitrate levels

Introducing new rock to enhance appearance

Adding potassium and iron

Adding quantity of salt

Cleaning your grow beds

Capture of floating debris

Use of filters

Use of segregation tanks


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