Indoors, backyard and commercial eco systems

Indoor, Backyard and Commercial Systems

This topic of – what size eco system can I have is so important, because no doubt by now you have realized you can enjoy Aquaponics for a very low entry cost and then enjoy even more, the health benefits such a chemical free series of easy to maintain Plants (which of course is a loose word to describe all sort of herbs, vegetables etc).

By carefully balancing the volume of water with your fish selection (and especially quantity) with the amount of “poop” produced you can have a certain quantity of plants. Once you get the ratio of these items correct then you can have a small or large system including going commercial.

Obviously if you live in a small apartment as in Japan orHong Kong then you will be limited by available space in which to place your Aquaponic eco system, however, it can be done and is greatly assisted by careful designing of your components.

Naturally the most attractive aspect of Aquaponics is the swimming fish, so you would give preference to a well lit display tank similar to a normal fish aquarium. There are many tank designs to chose from and so maybe one suitable type might be like a thin picture in which very small yet colorful fish might feature.

The above suggestion would need to have a water “in” and “out” pipe (or small hose) as well as an electrical cable for a small LED light. (Remember this is only a “small DISPLAY part” of your eco system).

The bulk of your fish tank might be placed under your bed (leave access so you can feed the fish) which will be connected to your growing plant display which might even be on the opposite side wall (to the picture display) or alternatively might run the length of your dining table with maybe a level above.

You will recall that by the clever use of “ball and value” and a submersible electric pump you can maintain a full, but controlled, re-circulation eco system. The extra cost of connections and flow control devices is minimal when compared to achieve what can only be described as an ingenious small Aquaponic eco system.

So if you have the opportunity for a larger system, because you have a backyard available to you, then you can be just as ingenious and use level if you so wish but the wise control of water levels with oxygenating overflows instigated by submersible electric pumps which are controlled by a “ball and valve” so over-flooding does not occur.

Try and control your impulsive desires to have one large system because the merits of smaller inter-connected eco systems do enable you to quickly have isolation tanks which give you so much flexibility in the times of need plus they provide an ability to stop fingerlings being eaten by other fish and are of considerable merit when trying to introduce new stocks of fish from waters that had a different pH level.

In addition, any seemingly sick or diseased fish or plant can be quickly isolated from healthy fish and plants – because unfortunately these things can happen, although fortunately very rarely. But at least you will be prepared and able to handle these type of situations should they arise.

If a commercial aquaponic eco system is within your heart and business desires, then congratulations, because this is certainly a proven “relatively new” way to make money and keep your customers happy because you can invite them to come visit a small section of your farming business.

All that has been said in the above pages also applies to your commercial business (except just on a larger scale) and make for an ideal advertising platform. Can you imagine visitors (potential customers) coming to your (road frontage) shop that features your lovely healthy fish swimming in clean waters surrounded by your amazing colorful range of healthy chemical free plants (herbs, vegetables etc).

You could pretty much bet that visitors will be converted to paying customers because there will be no comparison between the supermarket displays and your display – and we have not even discussed “the taste test”.

Any commercial buyer of produce, such as will be grown by the use of your eco system, should be invited to your premises because your aquaponic eco system will have such an appeal that you can know they will sign “on the dotted line” even if your price is a little higher because of freight costs.

Naturally we would appreciate any advice you might like to pass back to us so we could help other aquaponic growers.