Indoor Decorative Aquaponic Eco System

We are all aware that there are many attractive looking aquariums of all sizes, however, when you combine hydroponics with an aquarium you start to have the beginnings … of an aquaponic eco system inside your own home.

Elsewhere on this site we discuss the similarities and differences between these various alternatives and so if you now review other suggestions, particularly about having some larger tanks and grow boxes outdoor (because this enables a significant increase in production of food and fish products) you can take advantage of wonderful attractive and decorative indoor fish tanks with colorful displays of eatable produce of plants and vegetables.

Using your creative imagination, you can appreciate that when you combine hydroponics and aquariums, then continue on to creating an aquaponics system which after a while will create your very own Eco System.

You just need to run 2 pipes (water in, water out) from outside into which-ever room you wish to HIGHLIGHT your Indoor Decorative Aquaponic Eco System.

Next you need to find suitable fish and plants that can create their own eco system and eventually food you can eat or else decorative indoor items that enhance your acqaponic eco system.

Picture of suitable tank for inside a home




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