Rules for Water Tanks – Filters and Lights

Rules for Aquaponic Water Tanks, Filters and Lights

Some basic rules apply to every business (and this includes home hobby etc) which if you break could in turn break you financially – we are referring to issues such a Public Liability etc

Rule 1

Rule number ONE must be to keep yourself, your family and visitors (invited and gatecrashers) SAFE.

Rule 2

Because there is a mix of electricity and water involved in Aquaponics, invite a local electrician to visit your premises and install (1) an Earth Leakage protection device {protects against electrocution} (2) a  Surge Protection device on your power supply line {protects all connected devices including motors in the event of a lightening strike on your power supply line, both close and far away} – irrespective of whether you use a town supply service or generate your own electricity and (3) to provide a reliable earth mat some where on your premises {ensure current goes to that mat rather than into someone’s body}.

Rule 3

Water is easily spilt and it is easy to slip or trip on a wet path, rug or mat. So Public Liability (and if applicable, Employees Workers Compensation Insurance) at a minimum. Be aware that some Insurance Companies can get very tricky and technical especially when it comes to paying claims, however, know that the relatively small premium you need to pay to cover accidents (or even worse such as death) can be enough to destroy your life financially. Make sure that the Insurance Policy covers all mentioned in Rule 1 above, specially family members. Get help from an Attorney to make sure all aspects are covered.

Rule 4

Have fun as you gain experiences with Aquaponics – let the various tasks become enjoyable and not a chore – do keep regular records so you can trace back to why a particular event has occurred (good and bad).

Rule 5

Do not hesitate to teach others what you have learned, because if we all help each other we create good karma and blessing (grace) for ourselves and in return we will benefit by others helping us.

Children especially like to help and their involvement will ensure they “eat and enjoy their vegetables”.

Rule 6

Incorporate a filter somewhere in your system to ensure you catch whatever is not dissolved or is floating by untreated so you can be confident you have the cleanest possible eco system.

Rule 7

Add some LED lights to enhance the growth rate of your plants. Ensure the lights cover the red and blue spectrums as this is absorbed by the plants.

Rule 8

Duration of light will depend on requirements of your plants such as are they fruiting (tomatoes) or growing foliage (lettuce).

Rule 9

The light should penetrate deep enough into the plant canopy sufficient to get light to the lowest leaves. (Note that a lettuce plants is different to say a tomato plant).

Rule 10

Have lots of fun as you enjoy this healthy activity. Involve other in your fun and share whatever you are able.

Rule 11

Repeat Rule 10 every day.

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