Submersible Electric Pumps

Submersible Electric Pumps

A very important part of every successful Aquaponic system is an electric pump to ensure the water solution is well circulated between the fish through to the Plants.

Electricity and water are not friendly when used together, however, technology is great and for many years now it has been possible to purchase electric motors that can be placed in water and safely used. This type of unit is known as Submersible Electric Pumps and they are obviously well constructed and fully insulated so users will not get exposed to any electric currents.

If you carefully design your eco system you will find amazing ways to incorporate a submersible electric pump to do more than just re-circulate the water.

Elsewhere mention is made of the need to oxygenate the water and many people would immediately think of what I shall describe as an “air bubble” pump, however, whilst that is useful you can far exceed the results by creating a “waterfall effect”.


HERE IS A REAL SECRET SO VERY FEW KNOW … When water falls in droplets (similar to rain drops as in nature), the mere act of breaking the surface of the water with the falling droplets put oxygen molecules into the water sufficient for the fish and eco system needs.  If you always consider what happens in nature you will often find some benefit to your eco system if you can mimic nature is some creative way.

When handling water, always remember that water will ALWAYS find its own level.  This means that whenever handling tank that are interconnected with water – water in the highest placed tank will always flow OUT and INTO the lowest tank until the 2 levels are at exactly the same height.

If the sides of the lowest tank are not high enough, this means the water will overflow until your whole system has no water left in it.  Not a desirable situation.

The solution to such a problem is easily solve by the use of a “BALL and VALVE” similar to the very same unit found in the water closet of every toilet in the world. You will also discover that the “Ball and Value” come in all shapes and sizes, including where an animal need to apply pressure with their nose for water to be allowed thru so they can drink. My point is look in Pet Stores and plumbing suppliers for alternatives water gadgets because variety does exist.

Look also at the older style water-bucket mills that successfully used water poured into a bucket to cause a wheel to turn and physically crush corn and similar products.  Be creative in your applications and have some fun experimenting because you never know what you might create and benefit by being different.

The point I am trying to make is – you can interfere with the laws of nature (namely water finds its own levels) by using tanks at various heights by creatively using a Ball and Valve. This will enable you to have a split level eco system that is nevertheless all part of one big water re-circulating system – so you get all the benefits of one system that is creatively conserving floor space (which enable a much larger system) by creating several levels (one on top of the other).

So now that you are thinking creatively, we need to come back to these wonderful submersible electric pumps and look at another important factor. The ability to pump a volume of water (referred to in terms of the diameter of the pipe) to a particular height.

Always select a pump powerful enough to achieve your task in height then add at least 50-100% more.

This means that the electric motor will work much more reliably because it is not “at full bore and straining” all the time (a sure fire way to burn out your motor and costing more in the longer term).

If you are really “on the ball” you will determine what you need pump motor wise THEN BUY TWO (2) UNITS instead of just the one unit.  Reason is very simply – the pumps are the “heart of your system success”. Imaging if your one pump suddenly stopped – can you find a replacement before your whole eco system collapses. Definitely better to buy two so you always have a back-up unit to save the day.

Talking of back-up. Whether you have an indoor, outdoor or commercial Aquaponic system consider if just one issue could bring down the whole of your “dear system”.  It does make sense to create a series of eco systems so that any one problem will be isolated from the other systems which means you will never lose everything.

No one will never be any the wiser to your trick, but you will be able to sleep better at night, knowing there are separate systems – which can be handy for fish segregations – then using a system of ingenious water valve connections you can mix and match as your heart desires – but always in the happy knowledge that you are the master mind that can instantly isolate if you need to do so.

Obviously the best time to be this creative, is before you stock with fish and plants and remember to ALWAYS LET TAP WATER SETTLE BEFORE INTRODUCTION into your eco system to eliminate fluoride and similar chemicals. Just as obviously, this means NEVER put across the whole of the introduced tap water even after a settling period – so here is the perfect opportunity to use that 2nd electric pump – place it on a brick inside the settling tank and pump out all the “more cleaner” water above the brick into your system. Then pump the remaining water into a bucket and use to wash your vehicle (waste not want not).

Remember to make and install effective wire gauze nets to prevent and stop even the smallest fish being sucked into any piping – be kind to your animals for I am sure they also have feelings like us. At least if you care for them you will earn good karma for yourself which might just results in a better eco system.

Finally, because we are talking electricity, spend the money to ensure your Aquaponic system is only receiving electrical power from a power source that is fully protected by an EARTH LEAKAGE SYSTEM FUSE. The old saying that you cannot see electricity coming and you cannot give it back is so true. No-one deserves to see you electrocuted – it is far from a pleasant way to go (just think of those that go via “the electric chair”) – be wise protect yourself, your family, friends and visitors (and discuss and include your system liability issues with your insurance company – protect yourself from simple things like someone slipping on a wet surface and breaking their back, hip etc ). Consider also having a SURGE PROTECTOR placed on your power supply line in case of a lightening strike – talk to an electrician about the low, low cost and high benefits and advantages for your system and household appliances.

Remember the cost of a visit by an electrician (to visit once) and install both a Surge Protector and Earth Leakage System is so low especially for the added protection everyone receives – it is well worth the money and beside we want you around so you can write helpful comments to our other site visitors.

Have a whole lot of fun in your safer watery environment that can be your AquaponicEcoSystem.