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Now you may say this is not quite Aquaponics and you would be right, except to say that we are all about eco systems and reducing our carbon footprint and our cost of living.  What better way to do that than to create our own power source. We are introducing you here to a way [...] Read more
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What is an Aquatic Eco System

What is an Aquatic Eco System? The word AQUA means WATER. So the words Aquatic, Aquaculture and Aquaponics all refer to “water”. All 3 words apply to marine which can be salt-water or fresh-water. An Eco System is a group of organisms that exist dependent ON each other. An Aquatic Eco System is therefore a [...] Read more

What is Aquaponics

What is Aquaponics? As was mentioned in the section “What is an Aquaponic Eco System” we discovered the word AQUA means WATER so “AQUAPONICS” means using a technology based on water to grow (fish, vegetables and plants) in as close a way to mimic natures technique (way) without interference by way of man-made interference with [...] Read more

Indoors, backyard and commercial eco systems

Indoor, Backyard and Commercial Systems This topic of – what size eco system can I have is so important, because no doubt by now you have realized you can enjoy Aquaponics for a very low entry cost and then enjoy even more, the health benefits such a chemical free series of easy to maintain Plants [...] Read more