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What is an Aquatic Eco System

What is an Aquatic Eco System? The word AQUA means WATER. So the words Aquatic, Aquaculture and Aquaponics all refer to “water”. All 3 words apply to marine which can be salt-water or fresh-water. An Eco System is a group of organisms that exist dependent ON each other. An Aquatic Eco System is therefore a [...] Read more

Rules for Water Tanks – Filters and Lights

Rules for Aquaponic Water Tanks, Filters and Lights Some basic rules apply to every business (and this includes home hobby etc) which if you break could in turn break you financially – we are referring to issues such a Public Liability etc Rule 1 Rule number ONE must be to keep yourself, your family and [...] Read more
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Submersible Electric Pumps

Submersible Electric Pumps A very important part of every successful Aquaponic system is an electric pump to ensure the water solution is well circulated between the fish through to the Plants. Electricity and water are not friendly when used together, however, technology is great and for many years now it has been possible to purchase [...] Read more

Water Balance – pH level

Water Balance – pH Levels The importance of pH levels in solutions (to inhabitants of the Earth) is such that there is an International Agreement for a Standard way of measuring whether a solution (any solution) is acidic, alkaline or neutral. The scale of pH readings is from 0 (zero – extremely acidic) to 14 [...] Read more